Information & Prices

Our kittens

Our bengal cats come very socialized at 12-14 weeks. Prices include, TICA registration, vaccinations, de-worming, spayed or neutered if they are pets a health guarantee and 30 days free pet insurance. The option of microchipping can be done for an additional cost. They are raised in our home under foot so they are used to being handled and loved on constantly. We try to take them on car rides early on in the hopes that they are well adjusted to riding in cars which makes it easier for not only the ride home and to vet visits, but makes for all around better pets. We encourage harness and leash training when your baby arrives so they are able to enjoy the outdoors safely with your company. Our kittens are raised on a raw meat diet and highly encourage our families to continue this.

Kitten Prices

SBT Pet Quality  $1500-$2800

($500 deposit)

SBT Breeder Quality Females $3200-$3800 

($800 deposit)

SBT Breeder Quality Males $3500-$4000

 ($800 deposit)

F2 Males (Pets) $3000 

($500 deposit)

F2 Females $3800 and up 

($800 deposit)

Shipping charges are additional if applicable

When do kittens go home?

All kittens are placed in order of deposit made. Balance of kitten is due by the time the kitten reaches 9 weeks of age and the kitten is sent home at 12-14 weeks depending on each kittens needs.