ziggy Doo cat wheel for rogue bengals

Our Favorite Cat Wheel - Ziggy Doo Ferris Wheel


The latest G5 Ferris Cat Wheel from Ziggy Doo is a fabulous exercise wheel especially designed for your pets. The wheel provides safe indoor exercise, fun and mental stimulation for indoor cats, especially the more energetic breeds like Bengals, but Orientals, Siamese and other breeds have been taking to them with ease. The wheels are lightweight yet strong and stable.  The Ferris cat wheel has an UNBLEMISHED track record for safety - this wheel NEVER tips or derails!   NEW EASY ASSEMBLY (no mallet needed to assemble the white wheel!)  ZiggyDoo offers you great service, flexible payment options and free delivery for Canada and USA (certain restrictions may apply).


You'll receive everything you need to assemble your Ferris Cat Wheel.  Your cat will undoubtedly want to help out!  12 wheel segments that slide together (NO MALLET NEEDED) with bolt&locknut assemblies (kit includes ratchet for easy tightening), wheelbase components with rubber mallet.  Your wheelkit also comes with 12 BLACK EVA foam tiles (5mm thickness) that you peel'n'stick on the running track once the wheel is fully assembled. (Other color pads also available - see Accessories below)    Instructions and YouTube videos make it a breeze.



Our DELUXE wheelbase includes additional support in the center of the wheelbase.  With 6 skatewheels, the wheel is even more sturdy than ever to provide maximum possible support for strong runners and heavier cats!



Just addon a set of STICK-ON EVA TILES onto your wheel order (see the Accessories section).  5 colors are currently available:  blue, green, pink, yellow, black.



The box is similar in size to a medium/large tent box - which makes delivery to you a breeze no matter where you are across mainland Canada & USA.  ZiggyDoo uses Purolator and UPS Ground and other shippers on occasion.  (Not from Canada or USA?  Ferris Cat Wheel Distributors are available in other countries to help you out!  Send a message, we'll put you on the right track)



* Intelligent wheel design features place the emphasis on what counts most:  your cat's safety and stability

* Strong and durable wheel made with superior quality ABS plastic - reinforced with bolt assemblies  (yes, it IS really easy to assemble!)

* Surfaces are easy to clean (and disinfect), making this wheel suitable for homes, breeders, shelters and rescue centers

* Sturdy wheel base for safety and stability along with an improved wheel track work together for better wheel performance

* Easy to assemble - just follow along with our "how to assemble" videos found at ZiggyDoo on YouTube (message from Nikita: if Elizabeth can do it, anyone can!)



Protection for little paws and tails

Skate wheels are safely positioned, tucked into the wheel base legs, out of harm's reach of little paws and tails

Protect your cat's spine 

A 48 inch INNER wheel diameter allows your cat to move freely without excessive arching of the back, which will protect your cat's spine (smaller wheels will cause spinal strain or stress)

Safely walk, run, gallop and play 

the 5mm EVA foam tiles that line the 12.25 inch width running track so your cat can move with confidence and comfort.  sturdy wheel base constructed for stability, better wheel movement and performance


It is easy to assemble, and can be cleaned simply by using soapy water.  Yes, it is self assembly, but don't worry you get full instructions and ZiggyDoo has videos to guide you.

The Best Wheel out there

If you decide to buy a Ferris Cat Wheel, please use our link to help bring joy to the cats of Rogue Bengals. Simply by ordering through our link, it helps us earn points towards new wheels. The price is the same as ordering directly through Ziggy Doo.